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Berlin - Capital of Germany

The Capital of Germany is located in lakeland, lowland landscape of Brandenburg.

Berlin is one of the liveliest, most exciting and varied European cities. Lifestyle and unique atmosphere - anywhere you can feel the vibrant life of boulevards, art stalls and flea markets. 300 pubs and 7000 inns are open nonstop.

The traditional center of Berlin is Alexanderplatz square, dominated the television tower and the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. Local street Kurfürstendamm is the business, shopping and cultural city center.

Berlin has a large number of cultural and scientific equipment, some of which achieved great popularity and reputation abroad - for example Pergamon Museum, Egyptian Museum, the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin also boasts vast green areas. The best known include the Tiergarten, which lies rather in the center of town, popular for walks, known as the place where the Love Parade is held.

Accommodation in Berlin:
Hotel Steigenberger Berlin.
Hotel Eurostars Berlin.


Paris - the most beautiful city in the world

Paris is the capital of France. It lies in an area bounded Montmartre, Belleville, Chaillot and Montparnasse, which today belongs to the city entirely.

Paris has an array of relics from Celtic times to the present.

Eiffel Tower - This 324 m high and 10000 ton edifice was built in 1889. Architect Gustave Eiffel and even though it had originally planned to be demolished in 1910, is here till today.
Arc de Triomphe - arch is located on the Place de Gaulle and it is 50m high. In the huge building there is a museum and viewing terrace on the top.
Moulin Rouge - the most famous Parisian nightclub. It was founded in 1889 and dominates with windmill on the roof.
Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, the Louvre Museum, Luxembourg Garden, Versailles, Disneyland.

System of public transportation in Paris is the most lucid and is used in combination with the underground city railway RER.
We offer accommodation in all price categories in Paris, where you can conveniently book your chosen hotel on the best place or to find the cheapest hostel...

Accommodation in Paris:
Hotel Concorde La Fayette Paris.
Hotel De Buci Paris.


Rome - The Eternal City

Rome is the capital of Italy, was founded 2700 years ago and is located in the region of Campagna di Roma, about 30 kilometers from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Through the whole city flows the famous river Tiber.

In Rome, be sure not to miss first-class and world-renowned cultural institutions. Important is Pontifical University, the National and the Vatican Library, the Goethe Institute and many others.

Worth mentioning Vatican, Roman Forum, Castel Sant Angelo, the Coliseum, Catacombs and countless museums and galleries.
Coliseum - the most famous ancient monument from the year 80, largest ancient theater.
Pantheon - this temple is the most spectacular testimony the ancient architecture in Rome till today.
Capitol is the best known and highest of seven Rome´s hills.

The people of Rome love nightlife and dinners at restaurants, meet with families and large groups of friends.
Whether you are in Rome do anything anywhere and you will certainly never forget the time spent here.

Accommodation in Rome:
Hotel Radisson Blu es. Rome.
Hotel Point Rome.

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