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Accommodation - reservation portal for booking hotels, pensions, cottages and apartments in many countries worldwide. On theses web sites are presented photographs and price lists of apartments, cottages, guest houses, camps or hotels.

Reservation is very simple, after sending the completed form you get an answer which will be dealt with within 24 hours. You will receive e-mail response with specific calculations of your order and then you can travel to your dreamed destination.

Accommodation in Croatia - Apartments Croatia 2012

Croatia is not a big country, belongs to the medium size, such as Switzerland. But its great by its tourist amenities, has more than 500 coastal hotels, about hundred tourist complexes and camping sites over three hundred. Croatians are friendly to their guests, and always have something to offer: sea, beautiful nature, wine and song, and specialties such as Pag cheese, smoked ham, pašticada, fish specialties and delicious pastries.

Accommodation in Croatia is available in flatlet/apartment complexes, hotels, hotel complex, flatlet hotels, pensions/guest houses, camping sites, holiday homes, youth hostels, rented houses, private homes, and inns. A new classification of accommodation facilities was made in the recent years and now hotels and other accommodation facilities in Croatia ranges between the lowest one-star and the highest five-star facilities.

On these pages you can find places for your holiday on the Adriatic coast:

Web studio

Are you the owner of the hotel, guesthouse, cottage of camp? Need to inform about your accommodation? One of the most important things is a good web site. Web studio offers services in the field of web sites, web design and graphic design. This studio will prepare the website pages according to your ideas and able to edit by yourself without the intervention of the programmer.

Accommodation in Burgas

Bourgas is the place of a favorite vacation, business and tourist location, the city of seagulls, herring-gulls, fish delicacies,. It is also the fourth largest city in the country, following Sofia, Plovdiv and connecting Varna.

Burgas is situated in the farthest western part of the Bourgas Bay and 390 km east of Sofia. Due to the low level of the coast in the area, three lagoon-lakes (the Atanassovo, Bourgas, and Mandren lakes) lie in the area surrounding the city.

Holiday at the cottage

Whether you decide for summer stays near water or winter stays in the mountains, you can always choose not only for accommodation in hotels and boarding houses, but also on the cottages. This accommodation is suitable for families with children, but also for groups of friends, colleagues and other teams. Holiday at the cottage is an unforgettable experience.


Slovakia has a very good natural conditions and geographical position for tourism development. Slovakia is especially attractive for its natural beauty, especially the mountains and caves. Among the most popular destinations include High Tatras. Not forget the cultural and historical attractions as medieval towns, castles, folk architecture, spas and ski resorts.

Magic county in South Bohemia

Czech Canada region lies on the south of the Czech Republic, at the historical border of Bohemia and Moravia along the Austrian border. For visitors who spend their holidays here, there are ponds attract not only romantic, beautiful river valleys and streams and deep forests, but also many cultural monuments.

Galleria degli Uffizi

The capital of Tuscany is Florence, which became a center for Renaissance art and still attracts thousands of tourists with its galleries, the largest of them is Uffizi collection of Italian Renaissance art. Uffizi is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Florence. In high season (particularly in July), waiting times can be up to five hours.

Bubbling city

Gypsy music, spicy food, czardas and Tokaj wine. Just for this usually visitors travel to the Hungarian capital on the river Danube. Budapest in 1920 gained the reputation of the spa. There are more than a hundred thermal springs and wells. Royal Baths, Baths Raitzen and Rudas are performed in the Roman or Turkish style, while Széchenyi baths were built in the neoclassical style.

Culture in Krakow

Compared with the metropolis Warsaw Krakow visited more tourists (3-4 million). The compact area of old town with historic buildings in 1978 was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In Krakow, there are many important cultural institutions for Polish cultural life.

Eagle Way in Tyrol

Tyrol is the third most extensive country of Austria. It is a federal country with the longest border, which are 719 km long. Well known turistic rout Eagle Way offers a variety of mountain tours and shows tourists a beautiful landscape and the most beautiful places in Tyrol.

Apartments Berlin Center

Our recommendation is Apartments Berlin Center. It is always worthwhile to visit Berlin! Visitors from all over the world are impresse by this city. After a long night in clubs you can go sightseeing by day. We have the perfect holiday accomodation Berlin for you.



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