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Welcome to our booking website PensionHotel. You are on page Spain Hotels. There are not only the top hotels, but also cheap accommodation or tips for interesting holiday in Spain, where you can see the attractions and popular areas. Furthermore you will find a wealth of accommodation, as a family hotel, hotel for children, romantic hotel, luxury hotel, evaluated hotel, hotel with star, cheap hotel or accommodation with pets. You will find everything you need for enjoying your lovely holiday in Spain hotels, at a reasonable price and according to your requirements.

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Hotel 11442 Bilbao

Max. capacity: 6
Number of rooms: 2
Hotel **

Hotel 11443 Bilbao

Max. capacity: 30
Number of rooms: 15
Hotel **

Hotel 17649 Palma de Mallorca

Max. capacity: 185
Number of rooms: 89
Hotel ***

Hotel 17705 Palma de Mallorca

Max. capacity: 12
Number of rooms: 6
Hotel ***

Hotel 11081 Madrid

Max. capacity: 22
Number of rooms: 10
Hotel **

Hotel 11152 Madrid

Max. capacity: 85
Number of rooms: 80
Hotel ***

Hotel 17709 Palma de Mallorca

Max. capacity: 16
Number of rooms: 8
Hotel ****

Hotel 18575 Calpe

Max. capacity: 47
Number of rooms: 19
Hotel **

Hotel 10837 Madrid

Max. capacity: 56
Number of rooms: 24
Hotel **

Hotel 10838 Madrid

Max. capacity: 31
Number of rooms: 15
Hotel **

Hotel 11198 Madrid

Max. capacity: 70
Number of rooms: 30
Pets: Yes
Hotel **

Hotel 10920 Madrid

Max. capacity: 50
Number of rooms: 25
Hotel **

Hotel 10953 Madrid

Max. capacity: 40
Number of rooms: 20
Hotel **

Hotel 10913 Madrid

Max. capacity: 72
Number of rooms: 47
Pets: Yes
Hotel **

Hotel 11176 Madrid

Max. capacity: 22
Number of rooms: 11
Hotel **

Hotel 17627 Palma de Mallorca

Max. capacity: 114
Number of rooms: 56
Hotel ***

Hotel 8610 Toulouse

Max. capacity: 100
Number of rooms: 50
Hotel **

Hotel 8614 Toulouse

Max. capacity: 40
Number of rooms: 20
Hotel **

Hotel 17660 Guardamar del Segura

Max. capacity: 96
Number of rooms: 52
Hotel ***

Posada La Mies en Noja

Number of rooms: 14
Person / night
22 €

Hotel La Mies in Noja - Cantabria

LOCATION - The inn is located in Noja in one of the coastal towns in Cantabria in northern Spain. It lies on the coast with four kilometers of long beaches with fine sand and clean water.

ACCOMMODATION - Accommodation is spread over three floors, the first floor is a lounge. The rooms are doubles with split beds or a double bed and a children's room. In total there are 14 tastefully furnished rooms and each room has a different decor.

SERVICES - offer guests homemade traditional Spanish breakfast.

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