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You are going on page Bergfelde / Hohen Neuendorf on our reservation website PensionHotel. There is a number of tips for all hotels located in the locality Bergfelde / Hohen Neuendorf as a family hotel, hotel for children, luxury hotel, classificated hotel, but also a very cheap hotel, romantic hotel, hotel with star, and of course the hotel for dog, for pet. Accommodation is suitable for individuals and for various groups, according to your wishes and interests, with culture, sports and other activities. You will find everything you need for your pleasant vacation spent in Bergfelde / Hohen Neuendorf.

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Hotel Andersen Birkenwerder

Number of rooms: 23
Hotel ***
Price from / night
49 €
Hotel Zur krummen Linde Hohen Neuendorf / Stolpe

Max. capacity: 32
Number of rooms: 12
Price from / night+breakfast
60 €
Hotel Am Lunik Park Hohen Neuendorf

Max. capacity: 110
Number of rooms: 57
Hotel ****
Price from / night
59 €
Andersen Hotel Birkenwerder

Number of rooms: 32
Pets: Yes
Hotel ***
Person / night
54 €
Landhotel Mühlenbeck

Number of rooms: 18
Pets: Yes
Hotel **
Person / night
35 €
Zum Grünen Turm

Number of rooms: 29
Pets: Yes
Hotel ***
Person / night
59 €
Buffet Hotel

Number of rooms: 17
Pets: Yes
Hotel ***
Person / night
56 €

Category of hotels Bergfelde / Hohen Neuendorf

For these who decided visit Bergfelde / Hohen Neuendorf and surroundings is PensionHotel able to satisfy all wishes about accommodation for singles or groups, for short business trip and long vacation. You can find here luxury wellness hotels with many stars, which offer comfort and all  facilities like swimming pool, sauna, fitness, terrace, etc.

Anyone who likes peace and privacy, choose from a selection of small and cheap family hotels in Bergfelde / Hohen Neuendorf, where the atmosphere is almost home and accommodation is suitable for families with children or where accept dogs and other pets.

Who will look closely, you will also find unconventional romantic accommodation. For clients in love is offering dinner with candles and hot tub with champagne. You can choose the most suitable accommodation for your trip or holidays in Bergfelde / Hohen Neuendorf, including on-line booking.


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